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LG-Phillips Readies 1mm Bezel LCD

LG-Phillips LCD (yes, a joint company project) has announced a new LCD display technology that could allow for larger screens on many mobile devices in the near future. By building the driver circuit right into the screen console itself, the new technology reduces the bezel siding of the screen to be only 1mm thick. This means that some screens could ...

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Sharp’s announces worlds first dual-mode tuner module for T-DMB and DVB-H

Sharp’s first dual-mode transmitter, the VA3B5EZ915, is capable of tuning in on both T-DMB and DVB-H terrestrial digital broadcasts. Sharp claims this device to be the first of its kind. With the launch of One-Seg in Japan, other similar services have started popping up in other areas in the Eastern Hemisphere, including DVB-H for some areas of Europe, and T-DMB ...

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Guitar Hero goes mobile

Good news, fellow guitar shredders. Hands-On Mobile announced today that they have made an agreement with Activision to bring Guitar Hero to your mobile devices, which really, really rocks. OK, the thought of Guitar Hero wherever we go sounds awesome, but how does Activision/Red Octane plan on producing a mobile version of a game which relies on its awesome peripheral? ...

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Controller sleeve fits like a glove

Many men love to show off their glistening muscles at the beach. Our shriveled up excuse for an arm has become lack and lame from its years and years of inactivity. Though, this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways we can use our arm muscles to impress. This mobile controller, designed and developed by Arto Halopainen, allows users to control mobile ...

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GPS panties keep a close and creepy eye on your girls location and vitals

Many guys have issues with their jealousy. And with the amount of sluts roaming the streets we don’t blame them much. But does it really require something like the Forget-me-not Panties to keep a watchful eye on them? These panties, specially made with a GPS locater built in, will track your lady everywhere she goes when shes wearing them, despite ...

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Logitech X-240 speakers have built-in (hickory dickory) dock

Computer stereo systems are an annoyance. They are never as good as you want them to be, they lack the ease of usability that we all strive to find, and most of the models on the open market are rehashed versions of stock speakers with a different skin. The Logitech X-240 might not be audiophile quality (in fact it’s similar ...

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