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Botanicalls gives your plants a voice

Not since Audrey the talking plant from Little Shop Of Horrors exclaimed “Feed me, Seymour!” have we heard of talking plants. Though, Botanicalls brings us one step closer to having flower-to-person communication (F2P?). Botanicalls is essentially a soil moisture sensor implanted in your flower pot, made with only two nails and a circuit, which sends information about the plants vitals ...

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GPS panties keep a close and creepy eye on your girls location and vitals

Many guys have issues with their jealousy. And with the amount of sluts roaming the streets we don’t blame them much. But does it really require something like the Forget-me-not Panties to keep a watchful eye on them? These panties, specially made with a GPS locater built in, will track your lady everywhere she goes when shes wearing them, despite ...

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