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Davenport University of Technology is paving the way for tech courses with their new degree program for Biometric Security. Students confident that biometrics are the security choice of the future might want to look into a degree majoring in the security method, which could eventually lead to a lucrative career. The industry has already shown huge growth prospective, increasing from a $300 million industry in 2001, to its current value at about $2 billion.

Fingerprint, retina, and facial scans have all become more integrated into our daily lives, including use in airports and theme parks , like Disney World. “Biometrics is the wave of the future. You’re seeing fingerprint scanners or readers on every device, from your laptops to your door entry,” says Scott Meuser, systems specialist for D/A Central Inc., a 50-year-old security company based in Detroit.

The only other degree program for biometric security studies is at West Virgina University, yet Davenport insists their course not only teaches how to create and engineer security systems, but the ethics behind them as well. — Andrew Dobrow


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