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The Fabulous, Awesome, Amazing Relaunch of Gearfuse.com

In every blog’s life cycle  there comes a time for a change. And more often than not, this change is quickly dismissed as a completely bad decision and things go back to how they were in the first place. How they should have always been. It is hearby announced that on March 1st, 2013, Gearfuse.com relaunches full time with its original format and ...

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Hell Yeah! Futurama is Back!

Finally a confirmation! And even more than we expected! A 20th Century Fox rep has confirmed that Futurama will return for at least 26 more episodes. The show’s return is planned for early 2010. The show didn’t hit its massively popular peak until DVD sales skyrocketed and Comedy Central’s reruns brought in the ratings. While the money is surely the ...

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Are You This Lazy?

If you can’t even sit upright in a chair while on a computer without bitching about back problems, you might need the Lazy Geek’s Cushion. Why lie on a bed when this adjustable cushion can have you reading web comics on any filthy floor in the world. With this cushion, one could even use their laptop on the floor of ...

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Revealing the backside of Samsung’s ultra video F500 phone

When Samsung announced the F300 and F500 at ITU Telecom World show, the company purposefully hid the backside of these phones. The design of the F300 ultra music phone was eventually revealed from FCC documents, leaked user manuals as well as blatant reviews of the prototypes. However the design of the backside of F500 ultra video phone was left in ...

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