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In every blog’s life cycle  there comes a time for a change. And more often than not, this change is quickly dismissed as a completely bad decision and things go back to how they were in the first place. How they should have always been.

It is hearby announced that on March 1st, 2013, relaunches full time with its original format and concept; geeky awesomeness.

I’m Andrew Dobrow, some of you might know me as the original editor of Gearfuse. In early-2010 something went terribly awry. Viewership decreased and fan loyalty faltered. The familiar voice of Gearfuse was no longer so familiar. I, along with our new owners, will be leading us on our return, clad in chain mail and leather, clutching an enchanted sword in one hand and a smartphone in the other.

This relaunch is for you, new readers and loyal readers alike. Plain and simple. So here, my friends, is our mission statement:

“Gearfuse: A Compendium of Geekery. Gearfuse is designed specifically for you: Mr. and Ms. Geek. We constantly strive for absolute awesomeness; a pleasant mix of content focused on tech and internet culture, interesting gadgets, geeky weirdness and amazing emerging science. We love you and hope very much that you love us back.”

Welcome back, my beloved Gearheads. I’ve missed you dearly.

Please contact me at [email protected] with any comments, concerns, rants, suggestions, story ideas or even just to chat. Looking forward to it!

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Hey Folks! Myself Andrew Emerson I'm from Houston. I'm a blogger and writer who writes about Technology, Arts & Design, Gadgets, Movies, and Gaming etc. Hope you join me in this journey and make it a lot of fun.

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