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Pantech announces Korean version of W51PT: IM-U170

We  posted a spy pic of the W51PT last month, and Pantech finally announced the Korean version of that at CES this week. We believe that the specifications are similar, EVDO support, 2.2″ QVGA screen, 2MP camera with autofocus, but we are still waiting for announcement from AU KDDI’s side in mid January, as well as the confirmation on its ...

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Gearfuse Plumbers: Sharp overdoes the AQUOS phone idea

In Japan, Sharp has already released AQUOS DMB (One-Seg) phones for NTT DoCoMo (SH903iTV) and Softbank (905SH and 911SH), so the next target is AU KDDI. And we managed to dig up a leaked pic of what’s supposed to be the W51SH from Sharp, surprise surprise surprise, the same old Cyclone screen design is used. The difference between Sharp’s Cyclone ...

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A few moments with the G-shock G’zOne phone creators, Casio Japan

What are the 2 things that come into mind with the word Casio? Anorexic cameras and G-shock watches. If you are a Verizon user, you must have hard the G’zOne phone, which was sold under the brand of UTStarcom, and you would probably be aware that the G’zOne phone is the G-shock phone, developed by Casio in Japan and later ...

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2007 will be a year of phone geek Buffet, says AU KDDI

You know how the Japanese mobile business works, it’s really different from the rest of the world. Operators in Japan take the lead in product development, they decide what should be included in the new series, out-source the development to manufacturers and then buy in the phones as OEMs. (To read more, try the link quoted below) Since the Mobile ...

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Insider: SonyEricsson going kinky with hinges

We’ve seen straight phones and bi (dual hinge) phones, we’ve seen slider phones and swivel phones. Having informally stating that they’re giving up on swivel phones (not forever, hopefully), SonyEricsson is said to be working on yet another form factor. Supposedly the newly designed hinge will do what the W44S can do, i.e. landscape and portrait viewing, but shredding off ...

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