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Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

Some have stated that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt beyond a comic conference or the like, but me? Well let’s just say I’ve been known to rock my Michael Jackson Red Jacket t-shirt out in public with no shame. So really, this could really boost my coolness. The Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt, available for around ...

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Bulletproof Handkerchief Is As Classy As Body Armor Gets

Dueling is a favorite pass time of mine but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s why I wear one of these bulletproof handkerchiefs everywhere I go. Some mother fucker slaps me and challenges me to a duel, you bet your ass we’re meeting before sun down at the town square. Little does my opponent ...

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Nike Truck Crushes Little Kids

Mountain Dew’s Action Sports Tour is headed our way and Nike really wants to make peoples’ jaws drop. For their campaign, they hired the ad/design firm Hub Strategy who worked on this armor-plated war truck, turning it into a mobile extreme sport HQ. But, what makes this monstrous truck so extreme? It’s not the skateboard ramp on the back or ...

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Dragon Skin Body Armor

One thing most of us can agree on is that our troops overseas deserve only the finest body armor available. Their lives are at jeopardy in order to protect our freedoms, so we’d like to see everyone return home safe and sound. Soldiers could really use some of this Dragon Kin body armor from Pinnacle Armor. You can detonate an ...

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Knife Proof T-Shirt Oddly Not Equally Nipple Proof

The Nihon Uni company, a uniform producer in Chuo Ward, Osaka, has developed a meshy t-shirt that is said to be knife-proof, and could save many from suffering being stabbed or shanked. The strength of the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber material used to create this shirt can be compared to the material used in aramid fiber body armor. It ...

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Halo 2 hits a snag because of “partial nudity” error

This marks the second missed Vista release date for Halo 2, and this for an entirely more ridiculous reason. Halo 2 will now no longer be the first Windows Live enabled game because of “an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity.” All we’d like to know is, where could there possibly be nudity included in a Halo game? ...

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