Nike Truck Crushes Little Kids

Mountain Dew’s Action Sports Tour is headed our way and Nike really wants to make peoples’ jaws drop. For their campaign, they hired the ad/design firm Hub Strategy who worked on this armor-plated war truck, turning it into a mobile extreme sport HQ. But, what makes this monstrous truck so extreme? It’s not the skateboard ramp on the back or the rails surrounding it. It’s not even the wakeboard water tower. It’s the ass-load of Mountain Dew this thing’s going to have in its camper when it goes on tour around the country.

Nike 6.0 Ill Mobile is its name and being extreme is its game. How extreme? It’s like riding in a parajet car with no helmet while Tony Hawk sitting passenger side throws money in your face. They built this monstrosity in only three weeks. Now, they plan on taking it around the country, frightening little kids and crushing any who can’t best its vert ramp.

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