Halo 2 hits a snag because of “partial nudity” error


This marks the second missed Vista release date for Halo 2, and this for an entirely more ridiculous reason. Halo 2 will now no longer be the first Windows Live enabled game because of “an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity.”

All we’d like to know is, where could there possibly be nudity included in a Halo game? Does someone’s testicles slip out of their robotic armor or something? Microsoft has issued a patch for the nudity in question, with future titles being properly censored. Supposedly, the nudity in question was “a photograph of an individual showing his bare backside to the user when a particular error occurs.” Oh, so risque. Turn on the TV and you’ll surely see more nudity than that on any channel, including Fox News. — Andrew Dobrow


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