Dragon Skin Body Armor

One thing most of us can agree on is that our troops overseas deserve only the finest body armor available. Their lives are at jeopardy in order to protect our freedoms, so we’d like to see everyone return home safe and sound. Soldiers could really use some of this Dragon Kin body armor from Pinnacle Armor. You can detonate an M67 grenade in point blank range and it won’t penetrate through the materials. It’s flexible so you can easily move around, which is essential during a fire fight. AK-47, M4 and MP5 rifles have also been tested on it with fantastic results. Hopefully, we’ll soon see US troops wearing the Dragon Skin standard. In the meantime, looks like they’ll have to order some BUILT backpacks and double up on those.

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. its too bad the military doesn’t allow our troops to use it?

  3. Only problem with detonating a grenade at point blank range is, like the dummy, you’ll end up with no arms or legs.

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