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Let’s Really Light Up That Tree

These Grenade Ornaments, designed by firm Dorthy, are not only pretty, but they also make a statement. And that statement is that military paraphernalia looks AWESOME as holiday decor. Don’t let the images of amputee children ruin your Christmas. These ornaments add a little bang to your otherwise lousy tree. That’s right. Your tree sucks. What you gonna do about ...

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MP3 Hand Grenade Makes Your Bass Go BOOM

Yo, dawg, your music is da bomb-diggity. You wanted bass that really exploded? This decommissioned grenade has been de-bombed and MP3-activated, replacing its innards with portable media hardware and replacing the safety clip with a headphone jack. Link

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Dragon Skin Body Armor

One thing most of us can agree on is that our troops overseas deserve only the finest body armor available. Their lives are at jeopardy in order to protect our freedoms, so we’d like to see everyone return home safe and sound. Soldiers could really use some of this Dragon Kin body armor from Pinnacle Armor. You can detonate an ...

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