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Subaru-based TRAX STI: Rally Car Meets Snowmobile

DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block began with a plain old Subaru rally car, but with the help of Vermont SportsCar created a 400 horsepower cat track monster. With a turbocharged engine and a new set of cat track tires, the Subaru-based TRAX STI provides pure rally power in alpine conditions. Based on a race ready Subaru WRX STI rally car, ...

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Alfred Dunhill’s Luxury Skis For Bode Enthusiasts

Everyone wants to be Bode Miller. Sadly, the only way to truly become Bode Miller is to either wear his skin as a suit like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs or just buy an expensive pair of skis. The latter might not make you ski like Bode, but just for a second people might think you’re as rich ...

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Alpine brings HD-DVD to your non-HD car screen

We have no idea how you’re going to fit a HD display large enough to make a difference in your car, but Alpine insisted on bringing the HD-DVD to your backseat, it might useful in 5 years when your whole movie collection is replaced by HD-DVDs. May be we lack the kind of Alpine vision, but we don’t see any ...

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