Subaru-based TRAX STI: Rally Car Meets Snowmobile


DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block began with a plain old Subaru rally car, but with the help of Vermont SportsCar created a 400 horsepower cat track monster. With a turbocharged engine and a new set of cat track tires, the Subaru-based TRAX STI provides pure rally power in alpine conditions.

Based on a race ready Subaru WRX STI rally car, the TRAX is considered the world’s fastest cat track operation automobile. If you like to show up at the slopes in nontraditional style, you can’t do much better than this sick vehicle.

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  1. As a fellow STI owner, this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! This is truly a piece of art.. I wish i had the money to do something like this!! Way to go Ken!

  2. How did he put snowmobile trax in his car

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