Alfred Dunhill’s Luxury Skis For Bode Enthusiasts

Everyone wants to be Bode Miller. Sadly, the only way to truly become Bode Miller is to either wear his skin as a suit like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs or just buy an expensive pair of skis. The latter might not make you ski like Bode, but just for a second people might think you’re as rich as him.

All it takes is equipping yourself with the finest ski gear. What better place to start than Alfred Dunhill’s Winter catalog. He just so happens to collaborate with ski specialists to fashion these Bode-esque titanium base skis. They’ve got Vist bindings which offer an adjustable speed lock as well as a personalizing option in which you can have “Bode” engraved in silver on it. Forget Miller-time. It’s Bode-time.

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