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Kassou Concept Wishes It Could Fly

What in the blue fuck is this thing? The strangest looking compact three wheel concept car we’ve ever seen, even stranger than the Cerva MC08. It’s called the Kassou, which means “glide” in Japanese and it’s from designer Britisher Dunderdale. It came in second place at the Car Design News Contest 2008, most likely due to it’s unique flexible rubber ...

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The Anti-Bike: A Block Of Metal With Wheels

If you’ve been looking for a graceful motor bike to cruise around the city streets with, the nUCLEUS is definitely not the bike for you. Designed by Branko Lukic, the nUCLEUS is the antagonist of aerodynamic design, built on the foundations of “square against air.” Despite the nUCLEUS’ physics defying design, it’s described as being more nimble then it looks. ...

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