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Cloverfield Action Figure Revealed: Albinos Everywhere Applaud

The elusive Cloverfield monster was the talk of the town over the last few months thanks to J.J. Abrams’ elusive viral marketing scheme. When we received a leaked clip of the Cloverfield monster a few days before the movie was released, we didn’t see anything that indicated that the monster was an albino. Though according to the design of the ...

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How The Maul Stole Christmas

Speaking of Star Wars oddities, check out this toy spotted on Ebay. Most of us have seen the family holiday favorite, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. But not many of us have seen the less known How The Darth Maul Stole Christmas. Actually, we’re quite sure it doesn’t even exist. If you have $25 extra bucks, you can own your ...

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Princess Leia – Angelina Jolie Edition

If they were to recast the original Star Wars for an adaptation with today’s stars, who would be cast? For Princess Leia, my money would be on someone a little less stunningly beautiful then Angelina Jolie. I mean, Carrie Fisher was hot, but not Angelina hot. This rendition of a Princess Leia action figure stars Angelina in the lead female ...

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Toys to lose your head over

  When your method of death has gone down in history to solidify your name into the publics mind, you know you’ve made it. These Marie Antoinette inspired toys are proof that life doesn’t end after death. In fact, sometimes it’s only the beginning.

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Lara Croft doll gets a pap smear

Here is a really odd story. Eidos is producing a Lara Croft action figure for little boys to molest. Now, when you think of someone that could model for the doll, you’d think along the lines of say, oh I dunno, Angelina Jolie or someone like that. The tall looks more like Woody Harrelson then anyone else. Maybe even Madusa. ...

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