Toys to lose your head over


When your method of death has gone down in history to solidify your name into the publics mind, you know you’ve made it. These Marie Antoinette inspired toys are proof that life doesn’t end after death. In fact, sometimes it’s only the beginning.

Headless Historicals

Headless Historicals are 26-inch-tall dolls which emulate a select group of unfortunate people who died in particularly disturbing ways. Each comes dressed in the way they might of been dressed at the peak of their success, grasping their own bloodied heads in their hands. On sale now for $150 a piece. Regular price is $250.

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Marie Antoinette Action Figure with Ejecting Head

Now, there’s no reason to go into a deep historical diatribe over something you most likely don’t even care about, but here’s what you have to know. She was the Queen of France and was than beheaded. Now we get cool little toys to play with in her honor, including this Marie Antoinette Action Figure with an ejecting head. And even more creepily, a removable dress? Available now for $9.95


Harry Potter Nearly-Headless Nick Mini

With a new movie, game, and book on the horizon, there is Harry Potter-mania infecting the air. What better way to celebrate than with everybody’s favorite nearly-headless character, Nearly Headless Nick. The 7″ figure is made of clear poly-resin, to give him a ghostly, see-through look. The figure is a limited edition, with a hand drawn certification number. Available now for $49.99, while supplies last or until he becomes completely-headless Nick.


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