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First Motion-Sensitive Shakable Ad Introduced To iPhone, God Help Us

It was bound to happen eventually. Something tells me that this will be the equivalent of a pop-up for the iPhone generation. Dockers has introduced the first ever “motion-sensitive” ad to the Apple iPhone device. The ad will be featured in an assortment of the most popular iPhone apps. The ad, titled “Shakedown 2 Get Down,” takes advantage of the ...

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Scientists Using Macbooks To Detect Earthquakes In The OC

Scientists are predicting that in 30 years, California is going to get seriously twisted. Now I’m not talking about having one too many shots of Patron here; I’m talking about horrific natural disasters known as earthquakes. Lucky for Apple fanboys living out west, your Macbook may end up saving the lives of thousands of people.A team of researchers from the ...

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LED Hourglass earns another dimension

In the beginning of the month, we wrote about a design project in which college students created a digital LED hourglass. It seems to have been a hit considering that the hourglass earned enough buzz to garner itself a new dimension. Making it the new and improved 3D LED hourglass. The LED’s are arranged in a conical, circular design which ...

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