Table for One: Pictures of Lonely People at Restaurants

A widowed war vet sits at a diner counter, eating his usual dinner of roast beef and mixed vegetables. A homely middle-aged man who could never quite understand the art of grasping the attention of the opposite sex, eating alone in a deafening silence. A thirty-something woman sits silently crying at a table made for two. These are just some of the scenes you can expect to see at the genius single-serving blog Table for One.

The truth about Table for One is that there are no stories behind the images. Each photograph sits alone, waiting for you to create your own mental back story. It’s a humbling reminder that everyone of us, no matter how old, ugly, overweight, pathetically geeky or otherwise, has a story to tell.


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  1. Wow. How utterly, totally patronizing.

  2. Three pictures – and three men. Where are women? Are they not lonely? Or may be lonely women are too horriable?

  3. I find this to be pretty insulting. Many people who spend time alone are not lonely. They are called introverts.

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