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Food Photography is Cliche; Photos of Hipsters Taking Photos of Food is Not

Food photography as an art form has become a "thing". Which basically means that hipsters have ran any artistic merit that food photography once held into the ground. Luckily for us, taking pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food is still amusing, and is quickly becoming a "thing" itself thanks to the single-serving Tumblr blog, "Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food."

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Table for One: Pictures of Lonely People at Restaurants

A widowed war vet sits at a diner counter, eating his usual dinner of roast beef and mixed vegetables. A homely middle-aged man who could never quite understand the art of grasping the attention of the opposite sex, eating alone in a deafening silence. A thirty-something woman sits silently crying at a table made for two. These are just some ...

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What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?: The Website

What can’t the internet do? Copy writer and part-time developer hobbyist Zach Golden created the extremely awesome “What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?” website, which has a very simple, but essential use — to tell you what the fuck you should make for dinner. With a simple black Helvetica type on white background design, WTFSIMFD pulls a random ...

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