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Table for One: Pictures of Lonely People at Restaurants

A widowed war vet sits at a diner counter, eating his usual dinner of roast beef and mixed vegetables. A homely middle-aged man who could never quite understand the art of grasping the attention of the opposite sex, eating alone in a deafening silence. A thirty-something woman sits silently crying at a table made for two. These are just some ...

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Touch Menus in Restaurants Could Eliminate The Need For Servers (and Tips)

About 90% of resturant awkwardness occurs when trying to converse with the server. I think most of the small talk is awkward for a few simple reasons. First, you don’t really care whether the waitress is having a busy night or not. You just want your food. Second, the waitress doesn’t really care how your evening is going. She just ...

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Plumbing No More: Mario and Luigi Are Now In The Restaurant Business

Spotted using Google Street View, apparently after saving the princess Mario and Luigi retired from the plumbing biz, sick and tired of crawling through pipes no doubt, and decided to open their own restaurants. Mario’s is a bakery and Luigi’s serves pizza, kebobs and burgers. So if you think about it, they aren’t even really competing. They’re pretty complimentary of ...

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