SwissMiniGun: Smallest Manufactured Pistol Ever


Measuring only 5.5cm long, the SwissMiniGun claims to be the smallest pistol manufactured today. The gun is so tiny that it requires specialty 2.34mm caliber bullets. And I have no idea where you’d even find a holster.

At $6,000, this pistol probably isn’t for the amateur gun owner, but why would the average person need this thing anyway? Also, this gun can’t be imported in the U.S., but is permitted in Canada. So, if your American heart is that set on the SwissMini, you might need to pack up and move.

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  1. why, that’s just way too cute, and an insult for the arms industry. We really have everything “minimized” these days…bummer

  2. Ha! Adorable, thanks Wait.

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