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Pistol Bluetooth Headset: I Swear, I’ll Do It… I’ll Answer the Phone!

No, it’s not a suicide attempt. No, it’s not a cry for help either. It’s a phone call. Why the hell would I want to off myself? Just look at this headset. Would someone who owns such an awesome headset really want to kill themselves? It just doesn’t make sense. Mike Haeg designed this Pistol-shaped Bluetooth Headset to perform pretty ...

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SwissMiniGun: Smallest Manufactured Pistol Ever

Measuring only 5.5cm long, the SwissMiniGun claims to be the smallest pistol manufactured today. The gun is so tiny that it requires specialty 2.34mm caliber bullets. And I have no idea where you’d even find a holster. At $6,000, this pistol probably isn’t for the amateur gun owner, but why would the average person need this thing anyway? Also, this ...

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The “Banshee” Shrimp

While actually called the “pistol shrimp,” its characteristics make it more befitting of the title: banshee. Despite their small size, pistol shrimp are capable of letting loose a sound of 218 decibels that stuns their prey before they devour them. The pressure wave produced by such a sound is capable of killing a small fish. It’s like a gunshot emanating ...

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Pistol Cam Captures That Special Moment

Celebrating the recent ruling on the Second Amendment? Grab that Colt .45 and slap the $695 Pistol Cam on it. It attaches to most handguns and records up to an hour of MPEG4 audio and video. Amazing as it sounds, it’s primarily designed for law enforcement with the Orange County SWAT team giving it their approval. I’m pretty sure that ...

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Hack Your Wiimote Into A Colt 45: You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

� Violent Wii players are having a good week. First there was the gaming console that can be thrown at shit, than there was the Wii Nurf Blaster, and now we offer you another cozy ditty of violence and mayhem. This DIY project turns your Wiimote into a pretty nice looking pistol, which is sure to add a realistic edge ...

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