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Amazing Man-Made Mini Landscapes

If you didn’t look close you might not have noticed, and even then you’d be hard pressed to realize that the above photograph was completely man-made using cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers and canvas; a completely scaled diorama model custom molded for the camera. New Jersey-based (so automatically he’s a genius) photographer Matthew Albanese uses painstaking preparation and ...

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Hi-Ho Fluffy, AWAY! Darth Vader Mounts A Kitty

See, what what George Lucas forgot to tell us was that everything in this galaxy far, far away was actuallyminiaturized. The Empire seems a lot less frightening now, doesn’t it? Although I’d still watch out for those lightsabers. They can probably cause some serious burns. In this rare photographic shot of Darth in all of his miniature glory, you can ...

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SwissMiniGun: Smallest Manufactured Pistol Ever

Measuring only 5.5cm long, the SwissMiniGun claims to be the smallest pistol manufactured today. The gun is so tiny that it requires specialty 2.34mm caliber bullets. And I have no idea where you’d even find a holster. At $6,000, this pistol probably isn’t for the amateur gun owner, but why would the average person need this thing anyway? Also, this ...

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An ASIMO of Our Own: 1/8 Scale Action Figure For The Masses

Sure, you could argue that this 6″ tall ASIMO action figure is only 1/8 the bot that the real ASIMO is, but mini-ASIMO would beg to differ. It’s the heart and soul of a robot that really matter! Everything else is just scrap metal. The time for usto have a real ASIMO bot in our home will eventually come, but ...

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Hooray For A Very Happy Up And Coming New Year Event

Looking for a way to impress all of the females at your New Years party but not tech savvy enough to make your own robot? Well, there will be plenty of champagne at your party, so why not turn those wasted corks into miniature chairs. The girls will think they’re cute and by showing them your creative side — the ...

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Really Small Nokia 5200 Toy

Featuring full slide action, this very miniature Nokia 5200 toy is small enough to get lost among the coins in your pocket, yet still resembles the slider phone. Did we mention it can slide despite its size? It can actually slide! Oh, and it also features an image of a kitty on the screen. Pst, Pst, here kitty kitty. — ...

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