Swedish Kid Collapses After Playing WoW For 24 Hours

Why bother sleeping or eating when that next piece of loot for your World Of Warcraft character is only one more hour away? I’m assuming that’s the mentality behind the 15-year-old kid who collapsed and suffered convulsions brought on by an epileptic fit. He was enjoying the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, with some friends. After 24 hours of grinding and downtime, the kid finally broke.

Duncan Geere of Tech Digest writes,

There is nothing socially withdrawn about playing World of Warcraft, whatsoever. You can’t play for more than five minutes – even in the least populated areas – without bumping into another player.

While I see Mr. Geere’s point, I strongly disagree. Socially interacting with people over World Of Warcraft is almost like interacting with people in a chat room, except in this case it has a virtual setting. Your not building real-world social skills by playing with people over the Internet, you’re just building up your friends list. Most of the kids I know who play or have played WoW, including myself and Vince, are/were social recluses. Friends in game will never replicate friends in the real world. World Of Warcraft players, take a note: sleep and food are necessities of life; World Of Warcraft is not.

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  1. I am 34 playing wow for a while parents need to talk 2 there kids about setting time playing wow on computer so incidents like this dont happen i cant say i havent done it either when i was a few years younger lol ever quest i seen my self playing 2 days straight snapple bottels where handy and closer then going 2 the bathroom until my wife talked 2 me almost ended up in divorce over a game but games now are addictive i play for about 5 hrs a day then rest think that is more then enough time for any one really thats my opinion

  2. world of warcraft should be banned cause it is causeing many people to lose their jobs and kids to mess up in school relationships also go downhill blizzard should be banned

  3. As with most things in life, moderation should be an important factor. Just because one person is a recluse while playing a game doesn’t mean another is the same. While I agree that online interaction on WoW or any other game isn’t the same as real world interactions with people in the flesh, it can be a nice alternative when you’re not out and about physically. Most of the people I know on the game, I have met or know in real life. In today’s reality, not all friends can meet up daily to have a drink or grab something to eat. We all have our own busy lives and schedules to deal with, so as an alternative during the week, we jump on a game we all enjoy playing, hop onto vent to chat along, and relax and do things together for an hour or so a day. In the evenings and weekends we meet up or do things outside of the house. Children aren’t the only ones that have done something as unhealthy as staying up for days at a time just to do something, adults are just as guilty. One of my best friends to this day was a person I met while playing a game called Counter-Strike while I was in high school, it’s been 10 years since, and we get together to watch baseball games and meet up with other friends on weekends that we’re both free. Friends in game may not replicate friends in the real world, but some of us have friends that fit both of those descriptions and we enjoy any time we can spend with them.

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