A Real Mooncloth Bag!

Any avid World of Warcraft player knows that getting your hands on a Mooncloth bag means BIG storage space, which is necessary when you’re grinding 100s of Primal Waters like a big douche. If you are said douche or you have a girlfriend who plays WoW, you need to head on over to Etsy immediately.

You should probably bring $180 with you when visiting Etsy. See, there’s a real-life Mooncloth (messenger) bag there for the taking and only one is left in stock. In fact, if you don’t buy it by the time you’re done reading this post, it’ll most likely be sold out. The bag itself features all kinds of lush fabrics like blue corduroy, gold polka dot cotton and plenty of zippers and velcro. Hold your beef jerky or your Warcraft laptop.

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