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Swedish Kid Collapses After Playing WoW For 24 Hours

Why bother sleeping or eating when that next piece of loot for your World Of Warcraft character is only one more hour away? I’m assuming that’s the mentality behind the 15-year-old kid who collapsed and suffered convulsions brought on by an epileptic fit. He was enjoying the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, with some friends. After 24 hours ...

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HP One-Ups Dell With 24-Hour Battery Life

After a long evening of YouTube videos of old Tex Avery cartoons, your laptop wouldn’t be nearly sucked dry if you had HP’s HP EliteBook 6930p with an ulta-high capacity battery. HP claims that it ran for 24 hours, beating out its competition, Dell, which made the Latitude line of laptops that feature only 19 hours of battery life. Given ...

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