Super Cooler For PC Is Super Cooler


How many cooling fans does it take to optimize your computers core temperature? Probably not this many. This PC mod is a tower composed of 66 cooling fans on the front, back, bottom, and top of the desktop. A project like this wold be much more time consuming than some DIY methods of cooling.

With a PC like this, you should be more worried about blowing some screw loose or encasing your motherboard in a block of ice than whether it’s overheating or not. One thing is for sure. This baby could sure take some major performance without your PC smoking. And even if it was smoking, you wouldn’t notice. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. are you stupid??????????

  2. WatdA are that true???

  3. muahaha what the fuck… 😀

  4. Well if u want e good cooling system is a liuqid not with fans.And fans make to much NOISE!!

  5. Hey dude nice but make sure that your pc is not flying he he nice nice

  6. oe i like the id of a pc flying . i have 6 fans in my pc but even if its new you need a soundproof case to even barely reduce the noise that it could make . . . id geuse that would only be quite for the test run. . . lol

  7. StupYd people…

    StupYd ideas…

  8. Awsome, want that one 🙂 !!!!

  9. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA yo necesito una asi, me encanta q mi PC este bien refrigerada xD

  10. seems like that would be really poor cooling; there would be so much turbulence and potentially not even that much airflow. i just see all the fans doing their own thing and there not being a main channel of airflow

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