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PC Cooler Case Mod Need Not Worry About Overheating

Are you worried that one day your PC is going to get so hot from all of that WoW you play that it will just burst into flames? This PC mod encases your computer in cooling heat sinks, surrounding the bad boy with heat exhaustion. This PC mod pretty much cuts out the middle man, evacuating all of the generated ...

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Super Cooler For PC Is Super Cooler

� How many cooling fans does it take to optimize your computers core temperature? Probably not this many. This PC mod is a tower composed of 66 cooling fans on the front, back, bottom, and top of the desktop. A project like this wold be much more time consuming than some DIY methods of cooling. With a PC like this, ...

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Mercedes Truck PC Mod

We’ve seen some interesting PC mods, but nothing quite like this, unless you include the Transformer mod. Though this PC case is built into a Mercedes Benz truck toy. Check out more pics after the jump.

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