Sony pushes Memory Stick Duo to 32GB, charges an arm and a leg

sony 32gb memory stick duo

Why does Sony love its proprietary media storage formats so much? The list just goes on with UMD, Beatmax, MiniDisc, and the Memory Stick. There seems to be no real reason for all of this. All the proprietary formats do is cost the consumer more money.

After the release of Sony’s CompactFlash compatable cameras, it seemed that Sony might be learning the wrong of their ways. Now that they have pushed the capacity of the Memory Stick Duo line to 32GB, the words “highly unlikely” are starting to come to mind.

Now, we are all for increasing flash storage to infinity, but not if it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg. Flash memory should be getting more and more like hard discs in terms of cost per gigabyte. Sony is reversing this trend. — Nik Gomez

Sony Humps Memory Stick to 32 GB [CrunchGear]

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  1. how much is a 32 gig memorystick going to be if it ever comes out?

  2. Can I put it in my PSP

  3. yes it will work in your psp not long after this one comes out the 64 gig will be official i love how ppl whine about the cost of memory the 4gig launched at $300 so did the 8 and 16 look at the price of an 8 these days i can goto best buy and buy one for $59 now this time next year i will be getting a 16gig for that price the newest shit is always expensive… also Sony dosent go with propriety they attempt to make there product the norm for every user look at blue ray…. you also mention beta max the better technology at the time Sony makes the best in hopes that because it is better than the alternative ppl won’t care so much about the price look at there track record …. every PlayStation ever made was always the more expensive and with the exception of the ps2 they were always the better (this includes the psp vr the ds) beta vrs vhs beta was better but price won out blue ray is also the better and was more expensive but this time it won out the umd is the highest density data disk for it size …. need i go on….

  4. Heck i’ll just wait for the 64 gb

  5. At 299.99 why wouldnt you just get two 16 GB that are running at 99.99 each now.

  6. I got my 16gb for 65$ if the 32gb is 299$ sony is retarded. And my 16gb is real for anyone thats dumb. I have it filled up with many isos emulators roms music video etc.

  7. Hell, I’ve paid 200$ for my 16gb at release date, don’t see why 299$ is “oh so more” expensive.

    People get scared when they see the prices, but they forget that MSDUO is equivalent at a SDHC Class 8, which btw does not go for under 200 bucks.

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