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World’s first cellphone supporting both DVB-T and DVB-H

Taiwanese cellphone company GIGABYTE has unveiled the world’s first cellphone that supports both DVB-T and DVB-H digital broadcasting standards. The t600 is also a smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the CPU is an Intel PXA270 520Mhz which is reasonably powerful. The t600 has 256MB ROM and 96MB RAM, external memory used here is microSD. In terms of ...

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Samsung releases single platter 60GB hard drive

Perpendicular magnetic recording has allowed for some major breakthroughs in hard drive capacity as of late. Next in line: Samsung’s SpinPoint N series. What makes it so important is that it is the first single platter 1.8-inch hard drive to reach the 60GB capacity. The SpinPoint N series will have 4 tiers of storage: 20/30/40/60GB. While a single platter 60GB ...

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Sony pushes Memory Stick Duo to 32GB, charges an arm and a leg

Why does Sony love its proprietary media storage formats so much? The list just goes on with UMD, Beatmax, MiniDisc, and the Memory Stick. There seems to be no real reason for all of this. All the proprietary formats do is cost the consumer more money. After the release of Sony’s CompactFlash compatable cameras, it seemed that Sony might be ...

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