Sony PS3 Firmware 1.32 is another small step forward

sony ps3 firmware 1.32This just might be the feature that saves the PS3: the firmware updates. Sony has just released the update version 1.32, which doesn’t do anything really radical, but keeps moving forward with bugs and problems. As Sony has said, the updates improves the network performance of the system software. Browser updates? WiFi faster? Not very specific Sony. So as these small updates continue to roll out, the PS3 will get better and better. Hopefully, after the bugs are ironed out, Sony will be able to add new features to the PS3. It has so much potential hardware-wise, it only makes sense that as time passes the PS3 will only get better. Games get better graphics, the Sixaxis get better integration, and Blu-Ray takes off. Too bad it takes time. — Nik Gomez

New Sony PS3 Firmware 1.32 [I4U]

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