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Google Bar For PSP Next Update

Web searches on your PSP just got a whole lot easier with the upcoming v4.00 firmware update. Now the Google Toolbar is available for any Wi-Fi connected PSP, bringing you loads of internet meme fun. Another feature coming to the PSP via v4.00 is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your memory. While the ...

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Sony firmware 3.1 just fixes hacks

So for you few but growing number of Sony PSP owners, you are probably used to the flow up firmware upgrades. While constant firmware upgrades usually seem to signify a progression in usability, in this case it seems to be more about the fixing of hacks and workarounds. Nothing new with version 3.1 of PSP firmware which has been released. ...

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Zune update for podcast support coming soon?

If you happen to be the proud owner of a registered Zune (as I am), then you received an odd email in your inbox today. Why was it odd? Because it was so plain. It seemed like it was just a thank you letter from Microsoft for registering your Zune. Titled “Welcome to the Social” it seems like just any ...

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Sony PS3 Firmware 1.32 is another small step forward

This just might be the feature that saves the PS3: the firmware updates. Sony has just released the update version 1.32, which doesn’t do anything really radical, but keeps moving forward with bugs and problems. As Sony has said, the updates improves the network performance of the system software. Browser updates? WiFi faster? Not very specific Sony. So as these ...

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Gold Samsung YP-Z5 replaces silver spoon for newborns

To all of you soon-to-be-parents: that pretty silver rattle isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your newborn is quickly going to be begging for their own limited edition Samsung YP-Z5 which will soon be auctioned off. Why you might ask? Well, this MP3 player is made of 18 karat gold and only 10 have been made. Samsung is currently expecting ...

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