Solve A Rubix Cube With Your iPhone

The iPhone never ceases to amaze. This time around, Apple’s wondertoy is busy solving a Rubik’s Cube as seen in the above video. You simply take a picture of your unsolved cube, the software, CubeCheater, analyzes the colors and then gives you step-by-step solutions on how to solve the cube. Quite amazing that you can just whip out a cellphone, take a picture and solve one of the most dynamic puzzles of all time all in a few minutes.

If it could solve one of these new Rubik’s Cubes, then I would really be impressed.

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  1. Man if I had an iphone I would be all over that.

  2. i guess today the iphone can do anything. i also came across nice article that claim that people created a mechanical robot that can solve alone the rubix cube 🙂

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