Solar Powered Grill makes you look good at barbecues


Having your grill be solar powered might not be much help as the smoke from your charred burgers fills the air, but its one of the coolest damn grills we’ve ever seen. The Solar Powered Grill might not play MP3s, but it can sure heat up some steak.

Using the same technology you used when you were 7 and burning insects with a magnifying glass, the Solar Powered Grill uses a mirrored piece of conclave metal which focuses the reflected heat on to a cooking panel. While it doesn’t use the typical solar panel method, it gets the job done, providing you with slightly dead beef to consume. Just pay close attention, this thing might heat up really quick, and no body likes charcoal burgers. Available for $240. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Hi, was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy one of these?

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