MP3 BBQ Grill makes your ears crave beef


The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching. Which can only mean one thing. The grills are going to be whipped out for some good old summer BBQ partying. This summer, forget about the boring pansy-boy George Foreman grill. Take a look at this tune playing machine. The Memphis Barbecue combines two of America’s favorite past times, loud rock music and eating charred meat.

For around ¬£230 ($451.77), the Memphis Barbecue is no average man’s grill. Powered by two gas burners, this grill can make even a newly slaughtered cow a piece of coal in minutes. The music plays through its cool 1950’s styled front, and an MP3 player can be hooked up in the back with its integrated plug. Forget the stew, Peggy Sue and brew up some steak! — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. That is awesome!!!

    And I assume it is from Memphis Car Audio?

  2. Where can this grill be purchased?

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