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McDonalds Gets A New Look In Japan

Before you argue that McDonalds is not tech-related, check at your waistline. Now that that’s settled, let’s talk burger. McDonalds is trying a radical new concept of selling in Japan. See, it just brought the Quarter Pounder over and in an effort to promote it better and more efficiently, two McDonalds stores were rebranded into Quarter Pounder only stores. You’ll ...

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Solar Powered Grill makes you look good at barbecues

Having your grill be solar powered might not be much help as the smoke from your charred burgers fills the air, but its one of the coolest damn grills we’ve ever seen. The Solar Powered Grill might not play MP3s, but it can sure heat up some steak. Using the same technology you used when you were 7 and burning ...

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