SNT IOPS: A PC for your car


Korean company SNT presents IOPS. An on-board PC designed to manage all of your electronic needs while driving. Being shown at CEBIT in Germany, the IOPS runs Windows XP through its main output 7″ touchscreen. In addition to the obvious features of a GPS, the IOPS also has T-DMB channels, which is not even available in the U.S. yet. IOPS also comes with a hard disk in which you can record live TV and then burn it on to a disk all while doing 95 on the freeway. What a rush!

And since IOPS can interface with HSDPA networks, you can also receive an Internet connection for on-the-go shopping, RSS feed reading, or anything your heart desires. All of this is done as its linking with your Bluetooth device and displaying a video feed from your back bumper. Very impressive. Also, very cool. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. are they ever going to release this?…its been almost a year and the website still says “coming soon”…or “comming soon” due to the typo 🙂

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