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iPod vending machines run on Windows XP…wtf?

This is a paradox we’re sure both Microsoft and Apple don’t want to find themselves in. With the better part of their advertising campaigns trying to show the differences between the two companies, the Zoom vending machines used to distribute iPods, run on the Windows XP operating system. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? Of course, it would probably be ...

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Dell’s bringing seXP back

Still wary about using the new Windows Vista operating system, users have been moaning and bitching to Dell about how they wish they could still get Windows XP installed on their pre-packed PC’s. Dell has answered their prayers by reissuing XP installed computers back into their products. The consumer backlash has caused Dell to offer the option of Windows XP ...

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SNT IOPS: A PC for your car

Korean company SNT presents IOPS. An on-board PC designed to manage all of your electronic needs while driving. Being shown at CEBIT in Germany, the IOPS runs Windows XP through its main output 7″ touchscreen. In addition to the obvious features of a GPS, the IOPS also has T-DMB channels, which is not even available in the U.S. yet. IOPS ...

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Microsoft Vista follow-up “Vienna” will most likely be in 2009

With Vista barely off of the metaphorical assembly line, Microsoft says that the follow up OS, tentatively named “Vienna”, should be ready for release by 2009. Vista’s release took a tremendous 5 years of development time after Windows XP. Vista is built on an entirely different platform, so Vienna can be expected to be not as much as a overhaul ...

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