Sleek Portable Crutches Make Reaching For Your Bag Deadly


Crutches that break down into a backpack sound great on paper. It’s hip. It’s trendy. I even like the colors. A disabled person is never going to utilize a bag like this, though. The reason? They can’t walk, so what’s the point of putting crutches on your back…for sitting down? They do fold up into a cool triangular bag. Maybe that’s worth something to someone who sprained an ankle.

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  1. The previous commentator was pretty limited in his/her ability to imagine the types of disabilities that people can have. If you can walk some, and can’t stand very long, then having crutches that are light and fit in a backpack would be wonderful, for when you get to the point where you know you shouldn’t walk anymore. Or when you encounter a situation you know you shouldn’t walk in (going up hills). For my disability, chronic foot pain in one foot, these crutches might be exactly what I’m looking for, IF they’re light and don’t make my hands hurt.

  2. You might want to talk to disabled people before you comment on the products. Some people, for example, use a wheelchair, but can walk with a cane for short distances, This cane would be great for them.

  3. I am looking for collapsable crutches for bike riding. When I get to my desination, I need crutches to get around. I am an amputee and am limited by what I can do with a prosthesis. So not unlike many others, I live a very active lifestyle that includes hiking, kayaking, and road biking. Has anyone actually used this product and if so, how do you like it? thanks.

  4. many many people can walk for a while (15mins), even run for a bit but find standing painful (look up SIJD, and hypermobility for a start). I am looking for a product like this so that I can go shopping and then get crutches out when I need. the issue that I have with this design is that it’s too much focussed on the design and not the function. i wouldn’t want a great big traingular bag to lug around with me. – you have to bear portability/weight in mind for people facing disability to any degree otherwise you exclude some clientelle. I too have to cycle everywhere because I can’t walk far. Looks are deceiving, are they not? I have also had to be in arguments with people about needing a seat on PT. If I had a portable crutch it may help me.

  5. Actually I’m looking for fold up crutches cos I don’t need them all the time as my condition fluctuates, therefore I don’t always have them when I need them and get stuck! so bag a cool idea but still to big I think x

  6. Please consider the large scope of disabilities before panning a new product. These look like the product for which we have been searching. My daughter also has chronic pain in her foot and since her condition fluctuates it would be handy to pull them out of her bag when needed. We are actually looking for something compact to can carry on her moped or bike and use for shorter distances around campus. Has anyone actually used these they look a little bulky?

  7. I am looking for fold-up crutches because i am using a Kneal one-legged scooter. There are many places that still have steps. The Kneal doesn’t do steps. I need crutches for the steps. The back-pack appears perfect for my needs. I can wear the back-pack as I use my Kneal. I am looking into these and others.

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