S_UPPORT: Crutches For The Next Generation


You’ve gotta admit, time hasn’t treated the design evolution of crutches very well. They are still as uncomfortable as ever, causing blistering in the underarm region. S_UPPORT is a new concept design for an improved ergonomic crutch system. Great new for all of you cripples.

The S_UPPORT crutches are made of plastic, rather than wood, and are even recyclable. They would also come with exchangeable parts and optional accessories for pimping out your injury-ware. One of the cool color choices could even complement the cool color of your cast.



Andrew Dobrow

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  1. charlie scurlock

    This crutch of yours looks like what Stanford Medical Center asked us to develop for them. But if you have done our work for us, that gives us more time to respond to the ICRC.

    Call, there is every likely hood the VA would like to see this as well.

    Charlie Scurlock, PHD, Director
    Portola Foundation (Stanford has ask we not post a web site due to liability. We develop their implants.)
    P.O. Box 1319
    Palo Alto, CA 94302
    (650) 369-1263

  2. Hello Charlie,

    In response to your needs, perhaps these will help in some are as well. I designed them in 2002, but didnt get around to making anything of them until recently. They are not in production, but the idea is ready for prototyping and testing. Here is a link to view them. http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/03/19/crutch-factor/

    Hope you find what you are looking for.


    Jonathan C Smith

  3. Contact me 650.369.1263 regarding testing of your s.upport device. Stanford has developed a similar item.

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