Sharp makes Sony very happy with blue-laser diode production

sharpIt is the problem that has been making Sony execs cry: Blue-Laser Diodes. Well, the diodes aren’t the problem, the problem is the fact that no one can seem to be able to produce enough of them. Why Sony? Because Blu-Ray drives are a huge part of what they are doing right now. Blu-Ray is built into the PlayStation3 and the new round of Blu-Ray drives. Because of the lack of the diodes, the prices of the drives are sky high, and the lack of PS3s is also due to the deficit.

Sharp is giving Sony a reason to celebrate. Sharp has begun to produce the blue-laser diodes for use in all of the Blu-Ray devices. As of now, Sharp as produces 150,000 diodes which will be fought over by Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drive manufacturers (HD-DVD uses blue-laser diodes as well). So more PS3s? Probably. Will anyone buy them?….. Definitely. — Nik Gomez

Sharp begins Mass-Production of Blue-Laser Diodes [Gizmowatch]

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  1. Perhaps, but in light of Sony’s past they will “Screw the pouch on this too, along with their customers. There was a time when Sony stood for an exceptional product, but now it is an over hyped, overpriced, cheap design, with no customer service.

    Sean Michael

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