Sharp 904SH, Toshiba 911T both unlocked but far from perfect


For those who remember the all-awesome Sharp 903 launched years ago, we all miss the sweet 3.2MP CCD camera with 2x optical zoom. Since it was able to be unlocked at that time, we expected all Sharp phones to be unlockable as well… Wrong! Those who had paid $500 for the unusable Sharp 904SH started re-selling them at $250 on ebay because there had been no luck at all in getting the phone to work outside Japan.

Good news is that the Sharp 904SH has finally been unlocked, using a method similar (HyperSIM) to the first iPhones, i.e. your SIM would require some alteration in order to work with the phone. How? Commercial secret.

So far people have managed to get the 904SH to make/receive calls, send/receive SMS, and use the rest of the non-phone functions (with the exception of electronic money and GPS). No luck yet with sending MMS, using APGS or getting online. Just in case you’re still lusting for that 3.2MP CCD module and sweet 2.4″ VGA screen (yes, VGA), bring $520 and your SIM card to Hong Kong to get one.


As for the Toshiba 911T, the 3.0″ WVGA screen is even more awesome… but the phone will only work on 2.1Ghz WCDMA networks (North American bands are not supported), so it is out of question if the place you live is not well covered. The most important features such as One-Seg DMB, A-GPS and electronic money will not work outside Japan. Good thing is that you would not need to have your SIM card altered (viz 904SH), so if you are still interested, wire $400 to a Hong Kong swing. —Sam Chan

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  1. if i live in canada and over here rogers has 3g hsdpa which is 3.6mb/sec , could i use the 911t?

  2. Wow!! that is definitely good news. So, would I have to bring my locked 904sh to Hong Kong to get it unlocked? What exactly is the story?

  3. what shop in HK?

  4. abdoul: rogers runs 850/1900UMTS, which is not the 2100Mhz that the 911T runs on, so there’s no chance for this to work in N.America, the antenna is simply incompatible

    yeah you can bring your 904SH to HK for unlocking, just look around, more than 5 shops can do that

  5. how about im here in the philippines? if unlocked can the 911t worked? how can i send unlocked the phone w/o goint to hk?

  6. the 911T should be able to work on the 3G networks in the Ph, since it is software unlocked, you do not need to bring you SIM card over, just have somebody to send it to you.

  7. im just a college student my father gave me a softbank toshiba 911t can it bi unlock and use in the philipppines and oh can i use the all featured of the phone thanks!!!

  8. me dudz…here in tanauan city batangas market can unlock 904SH… it cost about Php 2K…

  9. unlok my phone

  10. gud morning,i have a softbank 911t here in the philippines but i cant use it because it has to be unlocked much and how can i get it unlocked?

  11. i have a SH906iTV and SH706i would it be possible to be unlocked???pls ill wait for ur answer….and what will i do?thanks in advance,,GOD BLESS!!

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