SIM-free iPhones tried out in Hong Kong: it works.


A while ago we heard that a shop in Hong Kong was taking orders of unlocked iPhones, finally today we’re able to see some proof for that. The iPhone was able to take non-AT&T SIM cards (the one demonstrated here is the Hong Kong CSL network), you can dial out and pick up calls without a problem (video here, dialing 1083 for local weather report). EDGE is also supported, so are the messaging services. However we don’t know if the SIM and voicemail services are supported properly.

Due to the limited amount of stock related to demand, the price is now up at US$2000 (just unlocking: US$750). Jump for more pictures.



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  1. As I happen to be in area with my “jailbreaked” iPhone, I would love to get the number of this store and have my phone unlocked. If you provide me with a number for me to call, I could let you know how the unlocking goes.

  2. Are those USD or HKD?

  3. USD

    unlocking would need you to provide your SIM card, they might need to do something with it (so called “commercial secret”)

  4. I thought it would be in india in the mid of the year 2008?

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