Feature: Hong Kong is selling fully unlocked iPhones now


News has come in this weekend saying that a batch of fully unlocked iPhones will be arriving Hong Kong tomorrow (Tuesday). Supposedly users will be able to send and receive SMS/MMS, make calls with non-AT&T SIM cards, and even get online with GPRS. We called the shop that will be selling the phones. Take the jump for more.

From what we read, our gut feeling tells us that MMS and GPRS might not be as straight forward as they sound, we think it’s safe to assume that voice and SMS functions shouldn’t be a problem. However from the experience of Sharp 902 and 903, which were both truly unlockable despite initial skepticism and subsequent legal actions taken by SmarTone-Vodafone; we will not be surprised if the iPhone deal turns out to be genuine.

There will only be 8GB models available, and they will be priced at $1200 by parallel import, we also heard that you would get a 5-8% discount if you pre-order. The dude at the other line even invited us to try out before buying, looks like they’re in serious business. The first batch will only have 8 phones, but stocks should be less limited starting from Wednesday they said. Right now we’re pulling all our strings to look for hands-on-experience, and we’ll keep you posted. — Sam Chan


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