Share Other Blocked on Instagram – Is It Really a Thing?

Share Other Blocked on Instagram

If you are a doom scroller on Instagram, watching through hours of Instagram reel content, you may have come across the “Share > Others > Blocked” trend.

What does it mean, and what is the significance of this feature? Well, if you aren’t aware, most users were creating videos randomly, saying tapping on the Share and Others will unveil the list of people who have blocked you on Instagram.

Is it a thing or a hoax created to become a trend? We will disclose further that in this article.

Where Did the Trend Start?

Instagram is where all the trends start, and if you have been wondering where this new feature popped up, we have all some inputs for you.

The first person on Instagram that posted about the “share other blocked” feature on Instagram was cleanculture_bk2. His reel gained 45 million views and has garnered over 350,000+ likes.

When looking through the comments, you will find that most of the comments expressed their disappointment that they couldn’t find the “Others” option when tapping on the Share button.

Many users have confirmed that the video was promptly made to create interest and curiosity among people. It has no factual basis to it. Blocking is a privacy feature available on Instagram to block people you don’t want access to your account.

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What are Some Actual Ways to Check who Blocked You on Instagram?

Now, the above “share > others > blocked” feature doesn’t work. So, is there any way to check who has blocked you on Instagram?

There is. You can check who has blocked you on Instagram in multiple ways, provided you are following the steps mentioned.

1. Search for their account

The easiest way to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram is by going to the search button on Instagram.

Type the username and press Enter. If you notice that the account isn’t showing up in the search results, that’s a sign that the said account has blocked you.

If it’s not a case of blocking, then chances are that the account has been deleted. Either way, you should be able to figure out what’s wrong.

2. Use an old comment or DM

Another factor that you can use to check whether or not someone has blocked you on Instagram is by using an old comment or an old DM.

If you try to access that comment or send them a DM and it shows up as “User not found” or “No posts yet,” that’s another sign that the other person has blocked your account.

Remember that this method will only work if you have sent the other account a message or left them a comment.

3. Use the web version of Instagram

If you aren’t sure whether or not someone has blocked you on Instagram from the app, the next best thing is to check via the web version of Instagram.

Start by opening your browser and typing in the search bar and then press Enter.

Once you are logged into your account, you must go to the search section, type the username, and press Enter. If the profile isn’t visible in that case, chances are that they have either blocked your account or deleted it.

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4. Try to follow them

This might come off as a surprise, but if Instagram doesn’t let you follow the person you are trying to, that’s another sign that you likely have blocked you.

If the account has blocked you, when you try to tap the “blue follow” button, it will not work as you expect, further solidifying your belief that the account has most likely blocked you.

5. Mention them in tags or posts

Another sign that the other user has likely blocked you on Instagram is if you can’t tag them on the posts or stories.

It could also mean they have turned off their “who can mention” feature on Instagram. However, there are more chances that they have blocked you on the platform if you can’t seem to check their posts or feed.

These are some legit ways to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram. Ideally, we’d recommend you pay close attention to the individual methods and cross-check them on your account.

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The “share > others > blocked” reels created a trending phenomenon on Instagram, but it is unfortunately not an official feature. The creator who posted the viral reel has since denied any claims about the authenticity of the feature. Seeing how quickly the creator’s reel went viral when they shared the feature, many other content creators have also jumped on the bandwagon and posted about it without clarifying its truth. 

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