What Does ‘smt’ Mean On Instagram?

Thanks to the internet and social media, slang words have taken over our vocabulary. They make communication easy and efficient. However, sometimes it can get quite tricky. 

Take, for example, ‘smt’. It has several meanings, and all of them are completely different from each other. It can stand for ‘something’, ‘sucking my teeth’, ‘send me this/that’, and ‘smiling to myself’. 

Since this one acronym means several things, it’s important to know what context it is being used in so as to not confuse the meaning behind the sentence it belongs to. 

Internet slang has taken over most of our vocabularies so it’s important to keep up with them to understand what’s going on. 

What Is The Meaning Of ‘smt’ On Instagram? [Quick Answer]

Usually, when someone says ‘smt’ on Instagram, it means “send me this/that”. If someone sends you a post and says this to you over DM (direct message), they could be asking you to send them what is in the image/video. 

SMT has other meanings as well. It can be the abbreviation of the word “something”. This is usually seen on Twitter, which, due to character restrictions, does not allow the user to type beyond a certain number of words. 

While these are the two most common ways smt is used, let’s check out what else it could stand for. 

What Does ‘smt’ Mean On Instagram?

SMT has several meanings, ranging from a single word to a KPop reference. 

Send me this/that 

This is the most common way ‘smt’ is used on Instagram. 

While scrolling through Instagram, you might have noticed a post you liked that was shared by your friend that you would like to share on your stories/feed as well. Instead of DMing them saying, “send me this”, you could simply reply to their IG story/post with ‘smt’. 

Sucking my teeth

Another popular way ‘smt’ is used is when it means “sucking my teeth”. It isn’t really something that is said by anyone, but more of a sound that is made when you disapprove or are discontent with something. The sound of “sucking” your teeth makes a hissing noise, indicating disproval. 

If you see something on Instagram, a video, photo, or a caption that you disapprove of and are not sure what to say, you could type in the comment section ‘smt’. 

Here’s an example of how ‘smt’ can be used in this context in a conversation:

Jessica: Hey Dave! Did you talk to your brother about what we discussed yesterday?

Dave: Not yet…but I told my sister about it. 

Jessica: SMT! But we agreed not to tell her! I didn’t want your sister to know just yet! 

Smiling to myself 

This is not a very popularly used form of ‘smt’, but some Instagram users do say it. Since not a lot of people know about this meaning of ‘smt’, when you do use it, make sure the person you’re conversing with knows you’re referring to this meaning and not any other. That could lead to some confusion!

Here’s an example of how this can be used in this context:

Amy: Hey Marie! I saw your artwork and I just wanted to say I loved it! 

Marie: SMT thank you so much! This means a lot to me.


‘Something’ is very popularly shortened to ‘smt’ by most people. Whether it’s on Twitter, Tiktok or Instagram, you can see several captions with the word ‘smt’ in them. Now, don’t be confused, it just means ‘something’. 

Here’s an example of how ‘smt’ is used as ‘something’ on Twitter:

“if you see this, can you say hi I wanna test smt” says a user on Twitter. 

Shin Megami Tensei

For anime fans, ‘smt’ is an acronym for a popular video game called Shin Megami Tensei. 

Here’s an example from Twitter:

The user says, “smt players be like “yeah this game is really good” and then proceed to not have fun for 50 hours”. 

SM Town 

For K-Pop fans, ‘smt’ stands for SM Town, a musical collective for the recording group SM Entertainment. 

Other common Instagram acronyms and slang

‘Smt’ is not the only popularly used slang on Instagram. Let’s check out a few more commonly used acronyms and slang words used these days. 


You may have come across this abbreviation before as it is very popularly used across all social media platforms. It stands for “to be honest”. 

It is commonly used at the beginning or at the end of a sentence, usually an opinion. 

Here is an example of how ‘tbh’ can be used:

Matt: Hey! Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I loved Jenna Ortega’s outfit. 

Chrissy: Yeah! TBH I didn’t think her outfit was that great. I loved Andrew Garfield’s suit, though!


This stands for “For You page”. This is the page on Instagram or Tiktok where all the recommended images, videos, and content appear. 

Content creators often use the hashtag #fyp to try and get their content on other users’ “For You” page to boost visibility. 

Whitney: Hey! Can you smt video you showed me earlier? I want to share it on my IG story. 

Blake: Hey, sorry I saw that on my fyp. I didn’t save it anywhere either. 


This is also an extremely popular acronym seen on social media. It stands for “outfit of the day”. Many people use it as their caption and in hashtags (#ootd). Influencers and celebrities especially use this hashtag to land them on other people’s fyp because it’s a popularly searched and used hashtag. 


Internet slang can be confusing as the “trending” acronyms and meanings keep changing regularly. As we just discussed, one acronym can have several varying meanings. But, they are fun to use and make texting more efficient. 

From “what’s up?” evolving to just “sup” to “flex” meaning “showing off your accomplishments” (and not muscles), the internet’s vocabulary keeps changing. 

It is important to keep up with this as this is the way people speak now, and shying away from it isn’t going to do you any favors. It’s just going to get tougher to understand people if you don’t, and we don’t want that happening, do we? 

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