RFID-Enabled Arduino Furry Tail Reveals Your Mood


Only furries could create something so ridiculously mundane that it completely circles around lameness and cycles back to being totally awesome again. This RFID-enabled Arduino-driven tail apparently reacts to different mood chips, wagging if your happy or excited, so on and so forth.

The tail is also controllable with the Wii Nunchuk remote. If your dressing up as a possum for Halloween, this tail could be an invaluable addition to your costume.

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  1. I like it. but some changes to work with a longer tail would be required for me, as well as some my friends
    Q: what voltage is the battery pack and could it be built in to the belt ?

    Q: is the belt part of it or can it be removed to use with other mounts?.

    Q: can it be used with a longer tail?

  2. Perhaps you could post a tutorial on how to make this? I’m sure furries everywhere would be very proud to sport their own emotions with a tail :3

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