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RFID-Enabled Arduino Furry Tail Reveals Your Mood

Only furries could create something so ridiculously mundane that it completely circles around lameness and cycles back to being totally awesome again. This RFID-enabled Arduino-driven tail apparently reacts to different mood chips, wagging if your happy or excited, so on and so forth. The tail is also controllable with the Wii Nunchuk remote. If your dressing up as a possum ...

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Wii Love Wii Accessories

I get it. You’re too classy to put all your Wii-motes into a shoebox. You want something that’s stylish and has “Wii” printed on it. The Wii Remocon storage accessory is just that. While it’s no shoe box, it can double as a pencil holder or a box you can shit in. It’s $7.99 per Remocon which comes in black, ...

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Wii Nunchuk Controlled Espresso Machine

What is surely the result of brainstorming under the influence of far too much caffeine, coffee addict Tim Hirzel presents his hacked Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. With the help of an Arduino micro-controller, Hirzel has managed to allow the espresso machine to be controlled by the Wii Nunchuk controller. The Silvia espresso machine, which now features an integrated calendar, ...

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