Review: Sony WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 turned out disappointing

sony vgf-wa1

Sony announced their WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 at CES earlier, whilst we don’t have our hands-on with them, those folks from Impress Japan has already reviewed it. It is always good to get some more background information before we import blindly. The WA1 turned out disappointing. The installing process was okay, but not particularly userfriendly, it also required quite some manual tweaking with the ports and connectivity set-ups, it is even worse when you have internet-security programs installed. Secondly, the sound quality was only average, even to an average ear. The built-in 24bit DSP system did however improve the sound quality a bit. Thirdly the WA1 might not be able to support all internet radios, because it is locked onto for some Sony-reasons, so you can either subscribe to music that you don’t necessarily like, or be happy with the free stations with pretty low bit-rates. So far from what we heard, the WA1 is a no-no, hopefully these will be fixed by firmware updates in the future. — Sam Chan

Nishikawa reviews VGF-WA1 [Impress]

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